Hotel Chain Makes Duvet Suits, So You Never Have to Leave That Comfy Bed Again

The branded April Fools' pranks are coming later this week, but Jurys Inn Hotel Group swears this one isn't a joke—well, not an April Fools' joke, anyway. 

Hate getting out of bed? Now you can take your duvet with you, and wallow in its marshmallowy comfort all day, thanks to Jurys Inn's duvet "suit," dubbed the "Suvet." 

The U.K. hotel chain says it made the Suvet for the move to daylight saving time on March 27. The stylish, inviting garmet is being billed as the solution for Britons who don't want to get out of bed after the country springs forward. 

Jurys Inn surveyed some 2,500 Brits and discovered 56 percent already face a daily struggle to get out of bed. The top three reasons were lack of sleep (42 percent), temperature outside of the duvet (40 percent) and fear of the working day ahead (31 percent).

What's more, 28 percent claimed the sheer comfort of bed makes it impossible to get up in the morning, so what else was left to do but to figure how to take the bed with you? 

Alongside agency Citizen Relations and Wendy Benstead, costume designer to the stars, Jurys Inn whipped up the two suits you see here. With extra-wide shoulders to ensure personal space, a snood-like collar that functions as a pillow, and slim fit pants, the Suvet is ideal for helping the 43 percent of Brits who said they nap on public transport, and the 22 percent who actually own up to snoozing at work.

"We pride ourselves on giving guests a great night sleep using dream-inducing bedding, so we thought this would be a fun way to give consumers the chance to take the comfort of our beds literally anywhere they go," says Jurys Inn marketing chief Suzanne Cannon. "If there is enough interest in this prototype, we will definitely consider putting a limited-edition run into production. After all, who doesn't like the thought of a duvet day, every day?"

Do you hear that? If you want a production run of the Suvet, you'd better start forwarding! (And just imagine all the fashion options when they start making covers for them.)

More delightfully weird photos below.

Source: Adweek

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