Airbnb's Latest Crazy Rental Brings a Whole New Meaning to Sleeping with the Fishes

Imagine a restful night's sleep in the most relaxing place ever. Now, imagine the opposite—trying to catch winks in the middle of a shark tank. 

Airbnb is continuing its habit of setting up oddball accommodations to promote itself, with a cylindrical and glass-walled underwater bedroom at the Aquarium de Paris.

Say hello to a Night at the Shark Aquarium.

It's a more serene setting than it might first sound, with gorgeous 360-degree views of clear blue waters and 35 toothy roommates. Staying there does seem like an amazing experience—though waking up, forgetting where you are, and seeing a hammerhead circling around you is perhaps less so. 

Contestants can enter to win one of three nights for themselves and a guest, with the room available  April 11, 12 and 13. The prize also includes a guided tour of the aquarium, dinner and a show, with freediver and underwater photographer Fred Buyle joining the sharks in the water for the guests' entertainment. 

The hospitality company's collection of pop-up accommodations has also included environments like the Paris Catacombs, a ski lift above the French Alps, the interior of a commercial jet and, naturally, an IKEA store. (Other hosts, meanwhile, have built offerings like a recreation of a Van Gogh painting … and even an igloo).

The listing for the aquarium—which requires applicants to submit a short story about why they deserve the opportunity to stay there—also includes important rules, like the prohibition of selfies after dark, out of consideration for the sharks' sensitivity to light. (Generally speaking, though, it's a good rule of thumb to avoid poking sharks in the eye. It turns out that whole punch-in-the-nose solution isn't very practical.)

Also, as Airbnb reminds guests, don't watch Jaws beforehand.

Source: Adweek

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